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Our Investment Philosophy

Taxes, fees, and commissions have been shown to dramatically reduce portfolio performance over time.

The long history of the investment management industry and the weight of academic research has shown that chasing outperformance of an index (so called “Alpha”) using active portfolio management is ultimately a “losers game."

We believe passive, personalized portfolios provide investors the best opportunity for successful outcomes.

Instead of spending our time and energy (and your money) on an uncertain outcome we can’t control (active management), we focus our efforts on things we can control like establishing an appropriate investment policy, asset allocation, portfolio construction, systematic rebalancing, and when appropriate, employing active tax-management strategies and implementing your social values directly into your portfolio. We use Direct Index strategies and leading edge technology to build custom, ultra-low cost, passive portfolios of individual stocks and ETF’s. This allows us to actively manage and control taxes, fees and commissions to improve your expected outcome.

Schedule a meeting with an Advisor to learn more about how Custom Direct Indexing can help you save on taxes and how your social values can be reflected in your portfolio.

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