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Financial Planning

Life planning is the journey of discovering and creating a life that is most meaningful to you.

Life-focused financial planners look beyond the money in your bank account or the growth of your investments. We know that to truly attain a meaningful life, you need to examine your values, create measurable goals, and determine how your finances can help you get there. 

Traditionally, financial planners just evaluate the numbers. At Integrity Financial Planning, we look at the bigger picture and start by asking questions that get at the root of what you want most out of life, such as:

  • How would you spend your time if you had financial freedom?

  • What gives you a sense of fulfillment or purpose in life?

  • How would you describe a meaningful future for yourself and your family?

Our life-focused financial planners can help you define your goals, determine where to focus your efforts, and create a plan that puts you on the path to a balanced, meaningful life.

How we build your plan

Over the course of our meetings with you, together we’ll determine what gives you purpose and energy and establish your future goals. Then, we’ll gather the information we need to develop a tailored financial plan that fits your needs. 

Your plan will guide you to be more intentional with your finances and work toward the future you desire, and may include:

Expatriate Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Providing tax guidance, with special expertise for expatriates and people with foreign assets or business interests.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Creating a personalized strategy to build savings based on your goals for retirement or financial independence.

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Evaluating your current policies to ensure they meet your needs in a cost-effective manner, and recommending new policies as necessary.

Education Planning

Education Planning

Preparing for your family’s college education with help from a Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC).

Portfolio Planning

Portfolio Management

Tailoring your investment portfolio to lower taxes, maximize growth, and match your environmental, social, and spiritual values.

Tax and Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Ensuring everything you've worked so hard to attain is protected and passed on to the people and causes you care about.

How to implement your plan

Your financial plan will contain specific advice for your personal finances and life goals. But planning is just the beginning, and implementing our recommendations will be an ongoing process. If you need further support, we can work with you at a pace you’re comfortable with to ensure you’re progressing toward your goals. 

Our annual check-ins provide us the opportunity to regularly monitor your progress and make adjustments where necessary. Or we can work with you on a continuous basis to implement your financial life plan, provide support, and refer you to and coordinate with the right professionals, including attorneys and other complementary advisors, when you need other types of support.

No matter what level of planning you need, we’re available to take that journey with you. 

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